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Shridevi Arts Case Study

Shridevi Arts was born as a platform to open up the doors of community healing through larger scale social outreach initiatives and events that honor different aspects of divine purpose and experience. The owner reached out to us to build a website as she started to get more attention for wedding officiant services, and wanted to expand her services to a wider audience. As people continued to ask her for more information about her and what she does and can do, it was clear for her that a website was something that needed to get done in order for her to expand her business.

As with all of our clients, we started off by having a conversation to understand more about her story and how Shridevi Arts came to be so that those looking for a wedding officiant can feel connected to her as weddings are a very intimate ceremony.

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Furthermore, some couples often look for a wedding officiant who can perform ceremonies that are non-denominational or interfaith, or that are for same-sex or non-binary couples, all of which and more Shridevi Arts can do. As such, we thought it would be important and integral to Shridevi Arts’s story that we added a section which describes the owner’s philosophy on weddings so that others will feel comfortable in making the right choice to hire her as their wedding officiant.

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Aside from photos of the owner and the promotional material for events which were created prior to us working together, all of the pictures and videos were sourced and/or created by Samaroo Solutions, including the logo which we designed.

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We also embedded the Shridevi Arts Instagram page to the website, and we helped her create a free Calendly account and embedded her calendar on the website for visitors to easily schedule a consultation.

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And to tie it all together, we helped Shridevi Arts to create their Google Business Profile and connect it to the website, all of which is pertinent for search engine optimization (SEO). And the results speak for themselves!

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Within 3 months of the website being live, Shridevi Arts has been viewed on Google 200+ times, and the owner’s email is constantly being flooded with contact form submissions, Instagram DM’s with new requests for her services, and Calendly calendar with consultation calls! Since working with us, Shridevi Arts has officiated weddings in Dubai, Utah, Dominican Republic, and more!

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