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Legacy Counseling Case Study

Legacy Counseling provides virtual therapeutic services to individuals and families in the State of New Jersey. The company came to us because they needed a professional website that showcased their 6 years of being in business, and needed a quick turnaround (1 week). The other website designers that they met with were giving a timeline of 2-4 weeks because they needed time to research in order to write the content correctly. Coincidentally, our co-founder, Nick Indar, has a background in social work and is familiar with the type of work that Legacy Counseling does, which came in handy for writing the content on the website.

First, we had a conversation with the owner of Legacy Counseling, who told us her story about why she became a counselor and why she started Legacy Counseling. After we understood a little bit more about her and her journey, we helped her to craft her story in a way that engages the audience and makes them feel connected to her. To take it a step further, she also recorded herself sharing her story. We helped her set up a YouTube account, stage and film the video, edit the video, added music, created the thumbnail, and embedded the video on the website for visitors to watch, allowing the viewers to feel even more connected to her. But we didn’t stop there!

The owner wanted the visitors of the website to feel connected to her staff as well. So she had each of her staff members record themselves sharing a motivational quote and we compiled all of the videos into a beautiful montage.

Other than pictures of her and her staff, Samaroo Solutions created and/or sourced all of the images ourselves. The company also needed a place where other counseling companies can send referrals, so we created a Google Form for others to use when referring patients to Legacy, and we embedded it on the website for easy access.

We also created a Careers page and a Google Form where people can submit their resume.

And to tie it all together, we helped Legacy to create their Google Business Profile and to connect the website to their social media platforms, all of which is pertinent for search engine optimization (SEO).

So much went into this project and in such a short span of time (1 week turnaround), and the work paid off, not only for us, but for Legacy as well!

Within 6 months of the website being live, Legacy was recognized by State of New Jersey as a “standard” for virtual therapy and counseling businesses to model, which has resulted in further opportunities for Legacy to coach other therapists on how to build their practice; they have also hired 3 new staff members who have noted that the owner’s video of her story and the video of the staff members moved them and made them want to come work for Legacy; and Legacy’s recognition online has been increasing as they have been viewed on Google 900+ people!

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