5 Reasons Why New Jersey Small Businesses Need SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is any brand’s primary and most practical way to reach their consumers at the most opportune time. This is particularly important for small businesses in New Jersey because SEO is the most cost-effective and practical way for a business to better understand their customers’ needs and connect with them with the click of a button. 

The value of SEO continues rise as consumers have moved in masses to online shopping since the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Even the most conventional businesses understood the need to digitize their products and services and to make themselves easily accessible via online search. SEO is the most feasible and economical way to both comprehend and reach customers in key moments that matter.

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A consistently increasing number of brands and businesses understand (or should understand) that they need SEO for their digital assets (including websites and Google listings) and how they can benefit from implementing SEO services by working with digital marketers to execute these functions on their behalf. 

SEO will certainly enhance a website’s general searchability and visibility, however what other genuine value does it provide? Why does SEO continue to be a valuable service that all businesses should consider?

These 5 factors ought to provide some clarity in terms of why any business, especially small businesses in New Jersey, needs SEO in order to survive and thrive in the current marketplace.

1. Organic Search is Often the Main Source of Website Traffic 

Organic search is an enormous part of the effectiveness of a business’s website and a crucial element of the “purchaser funnel”, i.e. taking someone who’s looking for a service and eventually achieving user engagement leading to a conversion, or purchase.  As digital marketing experts understand, Google owns a substantially bigger part of the search market than rivals like Yahoo, Bing, and others. That’s not to negate the value that all search engines add to the visibility of a business or brand name — because they do. It’s simply the fact that Google owns a substantial part of the total search market.

However, being that it is an established leader in this arena, its standards offer great value if followed. Nonetheless the portion of the marketplace that is remaining is owned by other engines and that offers value to those businesses and brands as well. Google is the most visited website both in the United States and globally. It is also the leading email provider in the world with over 1 billion users to date.

YouTube, which is owned by Google, is the second largest search engine with over 2 billion users utilizing the platform at least once a month. Google’s high visibility along with its reliability as a resource in the market place makes it a quality SEO and website developer’s premier destination in order to boost a brand’s digital traffic and conversions.

2. SEO Builds Trust & Credibility 

The objective of any experienced SEO provider is to develop a website that is visually appealing, unique, and provides a clean cut, user-friendly experience. The SEO expert then focuses on building traffic to the website by making it easily discoverable in search engines and by building brand credibility.

There are many other components that go into building authority through search engines like Google. Authority is established gradually as various elements are implemented in the process. Some of these include:

  • Natural links
  • Positive user habits
  • Machine-learning signals
  • Enhanced on-page elements and content

Establishing brand authority is one of the most fundamental ways to engage in digital optimization. However, it is important to remember that this process takes time, patience, and dedication and also entails offering a quality brand or product. This is critical in gaining a customer’s trust in a brand or business.

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3. SEO & Understanding the Consumer Voice

From comprehending macro market shifts to understanding customer intention, SEO informs us what consumers desire and need.

SEO uses search query data, analytics data, AI insights, and Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) analysis to help us to understand user’s interests, needs, and patterns when using digital platforms to meet their needs.

4 . Good SEO Ensures Better User Experience 

User experience is (or should be) every online marketer’s top priority. Any business or brand wants top visibility and higher organic rankings in today’s competitive market. The good news is that Google has found out how to translate a user’s positive or negative experience, which is essential to a website’s success and therefore the success of the business or brand.

Google’s Page Experience Update is something that digital marketers working in any industry will benefit from following to provide the optimal customer experience. A clear example of constructing a strong user experience is how Google has become increasingly more of an answer engine offering the desired information directly on the SERPs.

The goal is to give users the information they need quickly, easily, and with as few clicks as possible. Quality SEO integrates a favorable user experience and leverages it to operate in a brand’s favor.

5. Increasing Engagement, Traffic, & Conversions with Local SEO

Small businesses depend heavily on local searches and mobile traffic in order to succeed. 

Local SEO focuses on enhancing your digital properties for a specific area, so that people can find you quickly and thereby increasing consumer transactions. By focusing optimization on targeted neighborhoods, cities, and states, SEO professionals promote local engagement and increase digital traffic that converts into tangible results in the marketplace. 

SEO initiatives should include optimization of a brand’s Knowledge Graph Panel as well as it’s Google Business Profile Listing and the business’s social media profiles. Efforts should also be targeted towards Google user reviews in addition to other review sites such as Yelp, Home Advisor, etc.

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There are many more reasons why New Jersey small businesses especially need proper SEO in today’s day and age, but these 5 are the ones that we at Samaroo Solutions feel very strongly about. For more information on our SEO solutions and whether or not you need it for your business, contact us now and send us a message. Tell us a little about your business and where you’re located, and a member of our team will reach out to you to discuss SEO as solution for skyrocketing your business to success!

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